Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

I tried to find the source on this old bullet point but the link, which went to a Google Doc, was dead. 

  • It looks like all signs are pointing to is being an errant Hamas missile that hit the Gaza hospital. 

    • There were about six hours on Wednesday where everyone seemed to blame Israel for the blast.  From a journalistic standpoint, lots of eyes have been on the New York Times and how their initial headline led the charge. The first one started the narrative -- and putting "Palestinians Say" at the end of it is almost too late from a psychological standpoint. It then morphed as more information became available.

    • Even if the hospital story report turned out to be wrong, it's kind of a red herring. Israel has still bombed Gaza incessantly since the weekend attack by Hamas and have killed over 3,300 in the process.

    • Protestors in D.C. yesterday don't want Israel to bring the hammer down any further on innocent Palestinians. 

  • The cluster continues.

    • Fort Worth's rep held the line in refusing to vote for a man deep inside the planning of the Insurrection.

    • Wise County's representative went Ultra-MAGA lapdog. And is still committed (or perhaps even married according to his language) to Jordan.

  • I didn't know Northwest ISD had purchased land alongside 287 in Rhome for a future high school -- although it might be 15 years before it is built. 

  • Probably the only Paxton defense lawyer during the impeachment trial who was actually good at his job is now running to become part of the Texas legislature.

  • That's a heck of a screenshot. (Video.)

  • Burt Young, who played Paulie in the Rocky movies, has died. He was age 35 when the first one was released. 

  • So close to the name of a fancy mustard.

  • Extremely legal nerdy stuff: A very odd and extended rant yesterday in a four judge concurrence in the Court of Criminal Appeals about (1) how unethical the State was in the case, and (2) how dumb it is that Texas law requires any legal opinions released in a case to be wiped from the books if the defendant dies before the case becomes final.  Good explainer thread about the opinion here.

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