Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Pretty wild. If curious, this is what happened once he he was transported back to Pennsylvania.

  • "Let's to to the State Fair -- it'll be fun!"

  • Is there any chance that the the brakes are being tapped just a little on the expected ground invasion of Gaza?

  • So the Republicans nominated Jim Jordan, a major Trump Insurrectionist, as Speaker?  The House will vote on his nomination tomorrow, but there's no way the normal Republicans are going to elect this ultra-MAGA extremist. No way.

  • Suzanne Summers has died. I liked her despite Three's Company being one of the worst shows ever -- every episode was based on a "misunderstanding."

  • It should be a crime to tie a pay raise for teachers to a proposition which would gut public schools. 

  • Eclipse quick hits:
    • I honestly don't understand how you can see the eclipsed sun through the shadows of a tree. 

    • Cool shot of of it during college football Saturday: 

    • Don't forget we've got a total one coming in just a few months -- although Wise County folks will have to go travel just a few miles to get the full impact:

  • The Rangers won game #1 over the Astros last night. Explained: 

    • I all seriousness, this moment was amazing. 

  • The Star-Telegram has a front page story on the mess trying to head north during rush hour at the Decatur exit on I-35. 

  • Legal stuff: Below is from a formal complaint (pdf) filed against a federal bankruptcy judge in Texas. He then resigned. It might be bad to be living romantically with one of the lawyers whose law firm routinely appeared in cases before him -- and awarding that firm attorney's fees along the way.

  • Other legal stuff: Oh, please. Her office might try not indicting everything under the sun for a change. 

  • A 3:37 p.m. start time for the the Rangers today?