Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

I had never heard of Silk Road when this news broke. I then went on to read 
this really good book about it. He had Texas ties. 

  • The Republicans control one branch of government, and they drove it into a ditch yesterday.   

    • So how did this happen? Back in January, it took 15 votes before McCarthy was finally elected Speaker. And he was only elected because he appeased a handful of extremists Republican holdouts - not normal Republicans - by changing the rules so they could cause a re-vote on his speakership by the full House at any time. They took him up on it yesterday.  That's what happens when you sell your soul. 

    • Just a reminder that the "main stream media" is the best media. The Washington Post told us that all of this was coming a week ago.

  • Trump continues to spiral out of control. Yesterday he attacked a court clerk in the civil suit brought by the state of New York.  A court clerk! He's going to get her killed. The judge then imposed a gag order.  

    • This is what he posted: Her photo and a link to her Instagram account.

  • I woke up the Liberally Lean First Alert Weather Team™ and they said it will begin raining today in Wise County around 5:30 p.m. 
  • People lining up at the new H-E-B in Allen this morning. This is dumb. 

  • There is a missing person case out of Dallas involving a teacher. But something doesn't seem right to me because of the text messages mentioned below.  Either we've got a coincidence, a flat out abduction, or someone is faking one. And that was a weird thing for the police to say about the messages:

  • This is out of Eaton High School, but the allegations do not involve students. 

  • I don't understand this. The House Managers responsible for the impeachment proceedings against Ken Paxton, and who are now being targeted by the MAGA extremists, released "new evidence" yesterday which not presented during the senate trial.  Why double down now? This isn't going to change anyone's mind about Paxton. Not to mention it's a moot point. I don't get it. 

  • Just three?

  • Your iPhone will alert today at 1:20 p.m. even if it is on silent mode during the national test. You can stop that by going to Settings => Notifications => Scroll to very bottom to section called "Government Alerts."  You can turn "Emergency Alerts" to off or click on it and just turn off "Always Play Sound" to prevent the sound from overriding silent mode.