Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

A lady suffering a mental episode, with her baby daughter in the car, was killed outside of the White House. An autopsy by the DC medical examiner was released in April 2014 and indicated that Carey was shot five times in the back, including one shot which hit the left side of the back of her head

  • A faithful reader sends along this pic of a motorcycle cop on 287 in the New Fairview area. It's a Boyd officer contracted out to the City of New Fairview. 

  • Fox 4 rain totals last night shows a pretty good bit in Wise County.

  • My high tech tip to avoid the ear-splitting emergency test coming from my phone didn't work for me.  And now I'm very worried about the implications for me . . . 

  • Wall building?

  • Hillwood is developing lots of housing along I-35 north of the Speedway/114 but this newest one is on 407 -- getting closer and closer to Wise County.

  • People are getting prosecuted for pure "accidents" now? 

  • The Wise County Sheriff's Office public jail and court database is down again
  • One bite too far, Commander.


  • sThe Rangers won the wild card series over Tampa Bay despite this hostile environment.

  • Messenger - Above the Fold