Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Oh, my. That's a blog post from 10/3/13,There was a brief period of time when the Messenger was under different ownership. Ten years ago was part of that time frame. (Side note: I couldn't find out what happened to the lady in Midland County.)

  • Trump acted crazy outside the courtroom yesterday. In addition to saying the judge should be disbarred and arrested, he said, "you ought to go after this attorney general.” Yes, another threat. Things are getting really, really weird. 

    • I asked a couple of weeks ago why there would be no jury in this civil case. I got my answer yesterday. 

    • After the trial day was over, Trump shared this post. 

    • But late last night, he was up and railing against late night talk show hosts.

  • That chain link fence should be credited with an assist.

  • County Judge J.D. Clark updates us on the courthouse renovation. The elevator is gone and now you can stand in the basement and see all the way up to the top. More.

  • A car-jacking last night by "three armed assailants." The car was stolen but there were no injuries.

  • Republican Infighting: The crazy and attention seeking Rep. Matt Gaetz followed through on his threat to try to remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker. There must now be a vote either today or tomorrow. Unless the Democrats decide to save McCarthy and vote to keep him in (or vote to table Gaetz's motion), there will be no Speaker of the House and chaos resumes. 

    • And then the two acted like Fourth Graders on Twitter: 

  • Major League Baseball is not a serious sport when they put playoff games on during a weekday. 
  • It looks like Texas is a 4.5 favorite over OU on Saturday.  Whatever you think, do not trust that game. Ever.