Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

I don't remember it, but bring that back!

  • We have a ruling ruling in the Tanner Horner capital murder case. The newly appointed attorneys will remain on the case, and the higher court's stay, which has put the case on hold for two months, has been lifted.  What I predicted last week turned out to be true: (1) The Court basically punted and decided to not get involved after all, and (2) they pointed out that once the defendant testified on the record (at last week's hearing) that he wanted the new lawyers instead of his old ones, that eliminated all potential problems feared by the D.A. 

  • It felt like we got a lot of rain but, in comparison, we got robbed. 

  • American Carnage. We had another mass shooting in the U.S. last night -- this time in Maine. At least 16 (or 22, reports conflict) are dead, and the shooter is on the loose. He's a 40 year old white male, former military guy, and firearms instructor. It looks like he used an AR-15 type weapon.  The greatest country in the world, right?


  • We finally have a House Speaker: The normal Republicans in the House caved and elected an election denier and ultra MAGA extremist. He's Jim Jordan with a better haircut and a jacket. 

    • He believes that state government can criminalize homosexual conduct and extra-martial affairs. From 2003:

    • A year ago, his name was buried in a story in the New York Times about why some Republicans voted to not certify the election results despite no evidence of fraud. 

    • More proof that the normal Republicans caved to the crazies yesterday: Trump celebrated.

    • Oh, and in light of the Maine mass shooting, look who else is happy: 

  • The Texas House was in an uproar yesterday as it debated House Bill 4 by David Spiller (R-Jacksboro) which broadly gives state officer powers to arrest and remove individuals they think are in the country illegally. This caused one lawmaker to royally cuss out out others on the House Floor. (Video

    • It passed 84-60 in the middle of the night, and will now go to the Senate. Arizona passed a similar law once, and it was quickly declared unconstitutional. This one will be as well. 
    • In another immigration vote, the House approved Senate Bill 4 which criminalizes those which gives undocumented immigrants a ride in your car regardless of how long they've been in the country. You ever given a ride to someone in the country illegally? 
  • Buried in the news is a hurricane that went from a Category 1 to a Category 5 in less than 24 hours and hit Acapulco straight on. This GIF showing the development of it is really, really good.

  • Legal nerdy stuff: Here's a PDF of the new forfeiture agreement between the Denton D.A. and law enforcement where the D.A.'s office keep 80% of the forfeiture proceeds. Just a reminder: Forfeiture is legalized government theft. Flashback: 
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    • Are they going to raise interest rates again?

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