Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Lot's of nostalgia here. (1) Here's the story about the paintball event referred to, (2) That "Wise County Problems" account still exists but hasn't posted in years, and (3) Decatur and Bridgeport actually used to play each other -- Decatur won over the winless Bulls, 52-7 in 2013.

  • Breaking moments ago: Jenna Ellis is pleading guilty in the Georgia attempted coup case. She is literally pleading guilty to spreading The Big Lie. That "Elite Strike Force" team of lawyers really turned out to be something. 

  • I present to you the 327 most civic-minded people in Wise County: Those who vote on the first day of early voting for constitutional amendments.

  • Another day, another bad wreck in Wise County. This one last night around 6:30 on FM 730 just south of Boyd.  

  • A crazy158 car pileup in Louisiana yesterday new New Orleans.  

  • Oh, my. "An off-duty pilot who was in a jump seat in the cockpit of an Alaska Airlines flight on Sunday was charged with more than 80 counts of attempted murder after he tried to cut fuel to the engines, prompting the plane to divert to Portland, Ore., the authorities said."

  • He didn't give back the $3 million from the West Texas Oil Man PAC whose leader met with a neo-Nazi, but he did try this gesture. (No word yet whether the Decatur candidate who received $55,000 from them will give that money back. )

  • There was a time when we all understood how dangerous words like this are. Heck, it would have disqualified you from any race. Video. And what exactly is "our religion" anyway? 

  • We've lost our minds. This is right out of the The Handsmaid's Tale.

  • Random photo this weekend from the Walmart parking lot in Decatur. (Thanks, Tara.) 

  • This judge, who refuses to follow a clear Supreme Court decision, was featured in the Dallas Morning News this weekend. There was no mention that the County Judge over in Jack County tried the same stunt but his case was dismissed in federal district court. (He appealed to the Fifth Circuit but I don't think anything has happened on it.)

  • Random photos/screenshots from last night's Rangers win:


  • Nerdy political news: Last night the Tarrant County Republican Party elected a chairman who once took a half million dollars from the West Texas Oilman PAC.