Random Monday Morning Thoughts

The Obamacare website debuted with disastrous glitches keeping people from accessing it. But the other news was, during the apology speech, that the pregnant lady in the red dress almost fainted and the President had to help her. Video. But that event served as a sign of the conspiracy generation that was dawning . . . 

  • For those who use the Wise County Sheriff's Office database for case statuses and inmate information, it has been inaccessible for over 72 hours due to another "security certificate" issue. Here's a work-around: Go to it in incognito mode on your browser. 
  • I want to know more about this which occurred on Friday night.

  • We still don't have a Speaker of the House. Jim Jordan failed again on Friday and now nine Republicans are vying for the job. What a cluster. 
  • We've had another plea of guilty in the Attempt To Overthrow The Georgia Election case on Friday by one of Trump's co-defendants.

    • He's an odd guy. According to this profile in the New York Times this weekend, he (1) graduated from Harvard Law, (2) clerked for a district judge, (3) bypassed the typical big firm route and went into solo private practice, (4) had a "liberal" practice by assisting in Gore in the Bush v. Gore case, and assisted plaintiffs in the tobacco industry cases, (5) struck it rich in Bitcoin, divorced his wife,  and then "acquired expensive homes in Boston and Manhattan, and a villa in Puerto Rico."  No really knows how or why he then turned into a MAGA nutcase. 
  • Sir! (And he's a former assistant D.A.)

  • Michigan State forgot to carefully screen a third party 15 minute trivia video, and ended up having to apologize for this image going viral. 

  • From the campaign trail
    • I honestly don't know how they do it without getting depressed.

    • Trump kept his campaigning to Truth Social. How can he lose when he has white Jesus by his side in court?

  • I'm not sure what I think about the official organization responsible for the training of Texas municipal judges posting a Halloween stripper scene without comment. 

  • I don't like this. If a prosecutor thinks the evidence is lacking to even send a case to the grand jury, they routinely kill it without taking it to the grand jury.  And just because a more provable case comes along doesn't make that past decision wrong.  But heads are going to roll regardless. 

  • I told you on Friday that lawsuit didn't seem to be going well. 

  • That lady in the crown almost got hit in the face on that homerun last night. And she knew it after the fact. Video. But what you can't see is another lady ducking down to her right who did get hit. She got the ball, however, which she'll get to take back to her job as an kindergarten teacher in Keller. 

  • Game 7 at 7:03 p.m. CST.