Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Imprisoned for years because of prosecutors intentionally hiding evidence that would have set him free, Michael Morton appeared at the annual convention of Texas D.A.s and county attorneys.

  • The wreckage of the $80 million F-35, manufactured by Lockheed-Martin, was found in South Carolina. There are a lot of issues with that jet.

  • Baylor finally settled the lawsuits arising from the sexual assault scandal.  And  . . . 

    • Terms were not disclosed. I think only three of the plaintiffs alleged assault by football team members and the rest had other "cover up" claims. 
    • Kenneth Starr was president of the school at the time. He was eventually let go but was paid $4.5 million at the time of his exit. He died last year.
    • People forget that Baylor also settled with fired coach Art Briles. He was paid $15.1 million
    • The "Pepper Hamilton report", the document from the private law firm hired by Baylor to investigate the scandal, was never made public. But it was finally turned over to the Plaintiffs' lawyers in the women's lawsuit. 
  • Well this explains it. (Sarcasm.) 

  • There are scant facts about this. We know it wasn't her client so how did she know him? Did they have a relationship before? 

  • This sounds very weird. Texas principal arrested for paddling a student and - get this - the parent was a witness to the punishment and encouraged it.


  • We should have know that a dirty Lib was behind her corruption

  • Is everyone trying to get famous by acting like a nut on a plane? Here's the latest one. (Language warning.)

  • The Rolling Stone picked up the conviction of the Clay County sheriff. The DA who tried the case was promoting the article on Twitter this morning. 

  • My Business Second™ which is not warehouse related: This project along 114 will be an additional 257,000 square feet at a cost of $300 million.

  • I've had an iPhone for years but finally bought a Mac laptop last year. I should have done that 30 years ago. Love it.