Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

The shooter was a Navy veteran. Mass shootings are so common that they are quickly lost to time. 

  • A fan had died after a fight in the stands at a New England game.  After ever weekend, there are always a slew of videos of people just beating the crap out of each other at NFL games. I avoid them.  People, in general, are nuts.

  • This guy was a serial killer. But think about this the next time you see someone given a prison sentence to TDC, even a very short one, for drugs or theft or an intoxication offense. 

  • We are going to have a federal government shut down on October 1st, aren't we? The House even had to pull a stop-gap funding measure from having a vote yesterday because there weren't enough votes from the hard-liners.

  • Yes, there was a naked man walking through DFW Airport yesterday. Video.
  • The Wise County Messenger's Facebook page has been shut down by Meta, and the paper doesn't know why. Thread.

  • A faithful reader tipped me off to a new business in Chico. Uh, say what?

  • You remember seeing those slot machines in the Las Vegas airport. Well on Tuesday one hit for $643,435 for a Texas woman. 

  • We are quickly becoming the dumbest U.S. state.  Fun Fact: Keller ISD took the same book, as well as the Bible, off the shelves last year in response to the crazies. 

  • Speaking of. Various new laws passed by the most recent general Texas legislative session are being challenged in the courts. One already in the Fifth Circuit concerns legal porn web sites which are now required to display this warning that it "weakens brain function" among other things:

  • The blockbuster film based upon anti-trafficker Tim Ballard, Sound of Freedom, made everyone think a child was being trafficked at every moment in every place in every town.   Always be leery of those who doth protest too much.  

  • Funny: I saw this live and couldn't believe it. The quarterback for Long Island University threw the the craziest side arm pass for a 43 yard completion on Saturday. It really was like an Uncle Rico throw.  Video.  

  • The Business Second - Kind Of Warehouse Related:

  • I'm into the fifth season of Mad Men, and I'm putting this show in my top five of all time. I love it.