Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I had forgotten that he had actually been sentenced to prison by a jury, but he had been on bond during the appeal. 

  • Paxton (Not) Impeachment Update:
    • My prediction was wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong. 

    • That prediction of conviction on impeachment was based on one simple fact: There was no way, I thought, that the House Republicans would have impeached him without them being 100% convinced that the Senate would follow along and convict. Why would they jeopardize their jobs over Paxton -- an issue they didn't have to touch -- if it could possibly backfire in the Senate? 
    • I mean, from a political survival standpoint, if the House Republicans thought that Saturday's vote was in any way possible then they were absolutely nuts to vote to impeach.  Now they have targets on their backs. I don't understand what happened at all. It's now called a "Republican civil war":

    • And make no mistake about it, they will be targeted. There are jobs in jeopardy. The ultra-MAGA extremists are out for blood. And the West Texas Oil Man PAC has signaled that it is coming after them. This is the head of the PAC immediately after the vote:

    • That same guy was very vocal about letting Senators know where the ultra-MAGA stood before the vote. They listened:

    • House Managers watched the vote go down. That's David Spiller of Jacksboro right in the middle. I've got to talk to him. 

    • And then Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who served as judge at the trial, went scorched earth on them after the vote. And yesterday he was still at it. (Don't worry about the fact he received $3 million from the aforementioned PAC before the trial.)

    • House Managers press conference following the acquittal was very brief:

    • The guys had nothing to do with it despite them wanting to let you think that they did.

    • While the verdict was being read. This guy needs some scene control:

  • On Friday, the embattled sheriff of Clay County was convicted by a Montague County jury of Official Oppression. I can't believe you could convict law enforcement of anything up there.

  • This is a real tweet from an official government account last night. 

  • I'm sure you've seen the Rep. Lauren Boebert groping video. She said last night that  "I was a little too eccentric . . . .  I'm on the edge of a lot of things."

  • Actions no longer have consequences. 

  • Someone told me I needed to keep an eye on the Decatur School Board meeting tonight. I looked at the agenda and these are the only closed session issues that got my attention. 

  • There is a "tipping point" for certain products that explode in popularity. If you saw a graph for the the initial sales of computers, cell phones, flat screens,  -- any revolutionary product -- it starts off flat and then explodes upward. I saw this in the Dallas Morning News yesterday:

  • This may be the most obvious betting directed decision I've ever seen: Down by 10, one play and threes seconds left, second down, you're not going win, but you kick a field goal which just happens to cover the spread?

  • Do we really need a commercial for the new Exorcist movie during a late afternoon Cowboys game?