Random Friday Morning Thoughts

From the 9/20/13 issue of Dallas Morning News. Patrick was running for Lt. Governor for the first time. 

  • Breaking minutes ago: U.S. Senator indicted. Background. It appears to be a bribery charge involving gold bars.  

  • The strategy was to plead guilty and go to the jury for punishment hoping for a little mercy. With a punishment range from  probation to up to 40 years, he received the maximum

  • This was horrible yesterday

    • And the video of the body from the hospital to the funeral home was quite the moving scene. Video.

  • ProPublica has yet another piece on the sleazy dealings of Justice Clarence Thomas this morning. Somehow I'm more bothered that the picture they ran with the story shows the great documentarian Ken Burns in a photo taken at one of those weird and mysterious Bohemian Grove gathering. 

  • Notes from the campaign trail: Trump signing the chest of a gal. Video.

  • Rudy has had a bad week. In addition to failing to comply with a judge's order in libel case, he also allegedly groped Cassidy  Hutchinson on January 6th -- an act consistent with his jaw-dropping appearance in the last Borat movie. 
  • If this is real, I'm not sure why it hasn't at least received some publicity. It is purportedly of the indicted Nate Paul (of Ken Paxton fame) using some very salty language at a courthouse auction. In the impeachment trial, there were allegations that Paul had Paxton write an AG Opinion to stop foreclosure auctions during COVID.
  • Man, this is unnerving. Three men get out in broad daylight, two with guns. Video.
  • The Business Second Not Warehouse Related™: Does it bug anyone else that there's so much money out there that some software company we've never heard of can be sold for $28 billion in cash?
  • It just feels worse when stuff like this happens in a non-contact practice drill. 
  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 4 years and 78 days.