Random Friday Morning Thoughts

That was 10 years ago when Trump was a private citizen and Abbott had just announced his candidacy for governor.  I had Trump on my radar even back then. 

  • Impeachment Updates (not all that much):
    • We had tears yesterday from  whistleblower Ryan Vasser. I'm not sure that was justified.

    • Some of that guy's testimony really blew up on social misdemeanor by the MAGA Paxton fans because he said that he and other whistleblowers had "no evidence" of Paxton wrongdoing when they went to the FBI. But that it is misleading. He said in his response to this line of questioning that they "took" no evidence -- meaning documents. (YouTube at 8:41:12) The responses in general, however, were very, very loosely worded. 
    • Rusty Hardin should clean this up.
    • Random observation: The Lt. Governor is doing a pretty good job as judge, but he tends to side with the Paxton lawyers on most objections.  My guess is that he knows there will be a conviction but he wants no one to be able to accuse him of not giving Paxton a fair trial. 
    • Random observation #2: I feel sorry for whoever "Eric" is. He's the guy working for defense team led by Tony Buzbee who is charge of coming up with documents and putting them on the screen at a moment's notice. I bet he gets yelled at a lot -- unjustifiably so. 
  • The embarrassment at DPS just keeps coming. Friday morning appointments have been cancelled (with some exceptions which I wouldn't count on.) 

  • The record high for this day is 100 degrees. It will be shattered. 

  • There were bits executed at the U.S. Open last night.

  • This event really isn't on my radar but others are apparently interested.

  • The coach who was the plaintiff in the coach-leading-prayers-on-the-field case (after the Supreme Court majority changed the facts of the case on the fly), took the field for one game last weekend for the first time since the decision, showboated by taking a knee, and then promptly resigned two days ago. 

  • WFAA Channel 8 will live-stream the Decatur High School game tonight. (It can normally be seen on Youtube via a local production which I presume will still go on.)

  • The guaranteed money is $43.8 million over the five years. It's the biggest NFL contract ever. 

  • I really don't know much about Chief's holdout Chris Jones but him showing up at last night's game with two Tony Soprano looking guys as agents was a power move.  

  • Legal nerdy stuff out of Fort Worth Court of appeals yesterday: The facts of this misdemeanor assault case against a Pilot Point police officer are exactly the kind of facts where, as a defense lawyer, you think you can win it, but you always realize that your job is very hard.  He was convicted, and the conviction was affirmed. 
  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 4 years and 64 days.