Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

And I just thought I was joking. 

  • COVID back in the news.

  • The Ken Paxton impeachment trial begins today.  Question: Since all you need is 21 of 31 Senators, has there not been a survey/prediction of how each will likely vote? That a small group whose views should be well known in Austin. We should have a pretty good feeling by now how this is going to turn out. 

  • Sunday morning. Man and wife, 57 and 53. Seems to be a lot of this going on these days. 

  • That's a car inside a Denny's. It happened in Roseburg, Texas (right outside of Houston) yesterday shortly before noon. Twenty-three were injured, but no deaths. 

  • Trifecta on musical deaths over the weekend: Jimmy Buffett (skin cancer), Smash Mouth's Steve Harwell (liver), and Gary Wright.

  • Prepare to get beaten down with "government shut down" news over the next couple of weeks. 

  • I've seen some criticism of the Florida defendants smiling (Jenna Ellis, etc.) in their mugshots, but the practice is not new.  Tom Delay perfected it in 2005. I think it's a good idea. 

  • The Hollywood writers/actor strike is still going on. I can see why. 

  • Football follow-ups: (1) Baylor paid Texas State $350,000 to come to Waco and beat them. (2) We're all just going to pretend that Deion Sanders' Prime Academy in Dallas didn't happen? (3) The "new" College Game Day theme is the same beat down of a song just re-recorded. (4) Funny GIF from TCU game. (5) Pivotal play in the Tech loss here if you haven't seen it. 

  • Great collection of pictures of Burning Man here