Random Friday Morning Thoughts

Former Bridgeport and TCU great became lighter in the pocket book. I couldn't find video of the hit back then, and I still can't. 

  • SMU just got invited to the Atlantic Coast Conference. That's was something I wouldn't have believed just three decades ago or even three months ago. 
    Previous version of ACC (Notre Dame is basketball only.)

  • Who knows if this will ever become law, but it's wild you can just buy an AR-15 at a gun show just like you are at a garage sale. 

  • An play in three acts yesterday:
    • Act I: Proud Boys Joseph Biggs and Zachary Rehl, who had earlier been convicted of Seditious Conspiracy for their roles on January 6th, cried in open court and said that the they were just following their leader, Donald Trump. As Rehl said in open court:  “It’s my fault . . . I’m done peddling lies for other people that don’t care about me.” 
      Rehl, left. Bigg, right. 

    • Act II: Sentences were then handed down by the federal court.
      Biggs in happier times

    • Act III: Trump, who did in fact not care about them, was simultaneously grifting off of the Big Lie  in a new video -- a lie which had motivated Biggs and Rehl. 

  • RIP Cowboys legend Gil Brandt. Now to turn on him: It's always driven me nuts about how everyone talks about how Brandt "used computers!" back in the day to evaluate draft picks. A while back, I finally found a book that explained it: He graded a player subjectively from 1 to 9 in 16 categories and then (1) added the total and (2) sorted the totals highest to lowest. That's it. But he had to bring in a guy from India to do simple math on a spreadsheet. 

  • What a statesman! So big of you!

  • The cake reference, although monetarily insignificant, is funny because it was sent over by H-E-B grocery as a gift for the whole office, but Paxton barred anyone else from eating it and took it home: 

  • Does this count as a warehouse for my business show?

  • There might be a double jeopardy question here (it's complicated.) Although the jury had deliberated 21 hours, they had never told the judge they were deadlocked and neither the State or the defense had requested a mistrial. She just hauled off and did it on her own. 

  • Remember this weird reversal of a marijuana possession case from the Fifth Circuit? Yesterday the entire court announced it will rehear the case en banc (the whole court instead of just the three judge panel that made the decision.) From the original decision:

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 4 years and 57 days.