Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I know I'm whipping you with Johnny Football flashbacks but this one is great. They only suspended him for 1/2 of one game after finding he hadn't been paid. In the current documentary, he admits to taking over $100,000 for his autograph.

  • That was a wild helicopter crash into an apartment complex in Florida yesterday. Video.

  • A professor was shot dead by a University of North Carolina student yesterday causing a widespread panic on campus yesterday afternoon.

  • The most important of all criminal cases against Trump, the January 6th case pending in federal court in D.C.,  now has a trial date of March 4th, and that judge seems deadly serious about it. 

    • Trump immediately defamed the judge and the prosecutor and proclaimed "I will APPEAL!"  Someone needs to tell him, "You can't."

    • Random legal thought: The one thing that could delay everything is if there are any federal pre-trial motions Trump could file which can legally be immediately appealed thereby putting the whole case on hold. There's nothing in Texas state court that works that way, but I don't know federal criminal procedure. Some type of presidential immunity claim maybe?
  • I noticed that Tanner Horner has a court appearance in district court in Wise County on Thursday. It would be the first appearance since new attorneys were appointed for him.

  • This appears to be murder-suicide of a family. It happened in a residence on West 86th street which is some ridiculously priced real estate.  It's not far at all from the apartment building depicted in Only Murders in the Building

  • Joe the Plumber, who was neither named Joe nor held an official plumber's license, is dead at age 49. After a brief encounter with then Sen. Barack Obama, he tried to parlay that into a career (Wikipedia page), but ultimately ended up as an auto worker and a member of a union. 

  • That's an eye catching headline. Quick facts: The property is a 15,000-square-foot mansion on 5 acres and was sold by Christy Thompson, "daughter of the late Texas oil magnate J. Cleo Thompson, who died in 2010." Fun fact #1: She bought it just last year for $51 million. Fun fact #2: Last year she built a 23,688-square-foot mega-mansion (great Texas Monthly link) for $43 million in University Park.

  • Joey Tribbiani was at Joe T. Garcia's last weekend. 

  • Random rabbit trail: Baylor is playing Texas State this weekend, and I noticed their new coach is G. J. Kinne. I thought that name sounded familiar. He is the son of a coach who was shot in Canton in East Texas by an upset parent in 2005. Flashback: 

  • Brutal:
    • Yesterday at 9:00 a.m. from the official Cleveland Browns account:

    • Yesterday at 11:46 a.m.: 

  • America loves to get excited about a pending Hurricane . . .