Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Joe Duty photo from a Decatur Eagles game which I thought was great at the time. Still do.  (Original PDF of that page from the Messenger.)

  • A young Nazi extremist, who went and bought an AR-15 as easily as you would a lottery ticket, intentionally targeted and killed three black people at a Dollar General store in Jacksonville on Saturday.  Today is the 60th Anniversary of the "I Have a Dream" speech. 

    Swastika on the AR-15

    Fired 11 shots at lady inside car.

    • Three hours after the shooting, the NRA posted this. Editor's note: American's don't "vehemently disagree." 

  • Watch players scramble off the field Friday night as shots are fired in Choctaw, Oklahoma. Video.

  • County Jude J.D. Clark sent these photos from the second floor district courtroom of the Wise County Courthouse where, for the first time since the 1950s, you can now see the original ceiling as the third floor has now been demolished. Love this project.  Those metal girders will be removed and a balcony be put back in place.
    Looking north and up from back up courtroom at the now demolished old jury room/commissioner's courtroom above.

    Camera facing south from back of courtroom.

  • This photo doesn't look like much, but that's a big wrecker and first responders blocking both lanes of northbound 287 on Friday afternoon right by NRS south of Decatur.  Traffic was a complete standstill for miles in 110 degree heat --  backed up past FM 407 almost to Rhome. 

  • A crazy story you probably missed on Friday: 

  • Oh, my. (How did they cut that thing off the stingray before it just ripped it back out?) 

  • This headline was everywhere yesterday. Less publicized was that a Marine pilot was killed in San Diego late Thursday when he crashed his Hornet fighter jet. The military has more accidental non-wartime aircraft deaths than any commercial airline. 

  • A bag of chips?

  • Unusual crime filed Friday in Wise County (Cause no. JP1-C-249091):

  • Trump gave us a very Kim Jong Un-like bold claim this weekend.

    • And then destroyed a poor guy's cell phone. 

  • Sports quick hits:
    • College Gameday unanimously predicts Texas to win the Big 12. They're back!

    • High school crazy stat: A Texas 2A running back from Wolfe City rushed for 451 yards and six TDs in one game. He ran the ball 43 times. 
  • Jacksonville's paper of record didn't exactly get excited about the the big shooting this weekend . . .