Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

I probably should look up what happened to these three

  • I didn't know that part of Florida was (1) known as the "Big Ben" and (2) was swamp area. Side note: Is way too much being made of this storm?

  • Sentencing was supposed to happen this morning for the lead Proud Boys, including Enrique Tarrio, who were actually convicted of Seditious Conspiracy. It was called off moments ago "due to an emergency" per U.S. Attorney's office. Developing . . . ,

  • The crime of failure to report child abuse is a little messy and two softball coaches just got swept up in it in Prosper. The law is triggered by "having reasonable cause to believe."  Any statute with "reasonable" in it -- something that a prosecutor must prove -- is an almost impossible hill to climb.  And in the teachers' defense, what if they simply didn't believe the reports of an incident based upon who it was coming from?

  • I posted yesterday about the murder-suicide of a family of four on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and now the exact same thing has happened in Allen. 

  • Ultra extremist MAGA candidates, with the help of outside money, took over the Southlake ISD board. Now they've banded together to endorse the author of the book banning list for an unrelated Tarrant county commissioner position. See how this works?

  • Is this kind of like travel warnings for Jews about Germany in the early 1930s?

  • I honestly don't know how the Atlanta DA's office can handle all the Trump election stealing cases. Look at the time they are spending on just keeping one defendant, Mark Meadows, in state court. And this is all very complicated. 

  • Hot business opinion: Home prices may end up being flat for the next 5 to 10 years, but we won't see a big dip.

  • Here's the story about his death, and the later ME ruling. Side note: Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins is in the law firm of Loncar, Lyon, and Jenkins.  

  • The Matt Rhule football ear in Nebraska is off to a tough start as a tight end "allegedly" burglarized a vape shop and was arrested this week when caught in the act. If that wasn't proof enough, his case gets worse since it was all caught, with multiple angles, on video.

  • More Nebraska stuff: They are playing a volleyball game today at the football stadium. 

  • Obscure legal nerdy stuff that got my attention: 
    • Did you know that the Library of Congress requires you to give them, for free, a hard copy of any work you "publish"? Well, the D.C. federal appellate court just held that is an "unlawful taking" without compensation. 
    • A sheriff's office in Louisiana arrested someone for posting what is below during COVID. The Fifth Circuit said yesterday it is clearly free speech (he was joking) and it wasn't even close.  Opinion

    • This FBI agent is very proud of his degrees:

  • The actual and unedited front page from today's edition of the campus newspaper at the University of North Carolina -- it's the reproduction of actual text messages exchanged during Monday's shooting  . . .