Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Wise County and Duck Dynasty were a match made in heaven back in the day

  • This was a headline from one year ago. I'm hearing a rumor it is about to become very relevant to Decatur. You know, focusing on the important stuff.

  • I noticed that Rep. David Spiller of Jacksboro has entered an appearance as co-counsel for Fed Ex in the civil case that arose out of Athena Strand's kidnapping and murder late last year in Wise County.
  • West Texas Far Right Wing Oilmen updates:
    •  One of them gave about-to-be-impeached Ken Paxton $250,000 last month. They have money to burn out there.

  • Southlake PD went on a Twitter comedy routine yesterday in trying to identify this guy which they say bears a resemblance to Elton John. Thread.
  • A reminder that a great percentage of the population is dumb as a box of rocks, incredibly gullible, have no capability to discern the truth, and are all around you. 

  • Speaking of, below are a couple of reactions to the Georgia indictments by the Ultra Maga Extremists. These are not serious people.

  • Elon Musk ain't right. In addition to texting Mark Zuckerberg last weekend that he wanted to drive to his home to fight him (really), he has revamped Twitter to build in a five second delay if you click on a link on Twitter that redirects you to the New York Times, Washington Post, Facebook, and others.
  • Random Fort Worth company work van.
  • Very, very nerdy legal stuff for civil practitioners and court clerks (which will bleed over into criminal practice by default):
  • WCSO still hasn't fixed their jail list PDF. It hasn't been updated since August 9th.