Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Ten years ago Johnny Manziel and the autograph "scandal" were still dominating the news every day.  And I had forgotten Deadspin took a deep dive into family background on this week. (I love how they have kept their archives alive.)

  •  A young lady drove off the damn into Lake Bridgeport on Friday night. She survived despite the fact that the vehicle, according to the Messenger, ending up in "17 feet of water about 22 feet from the lake shore." 

    In the process of being pulled out

  • Our Congressman continues to embarrass us. The Chief Deputy said he had witnessed Jackson drinking earlier in the night, and an EMT said "he did appear drunk."  

  • This probably didn't get noticed enough. Late Friday, Dallas PD released a video of an undercover officer (sitting in a tricked up car in a parking lot) when he was randomly carjacked. Both sides then opened fire at each other at point blank range. I have no idea how no one was hit. The video is wild.

  • Dear Wise County Sheriff's Office: Please fix the jail inmate PDF. It hasn't been updated since last week. 
  • An incredible home explosion in Pennsylvania, which killed five, was caught on Ring doorcam video

  • A couple of homes burned in the Crestwood area of Fort Worth over the weekend. I don't know what I think about them having a photographer along on any major fire to basically take glamor shots

  • Republicans at the Iowa State Fair:
    • I don't know much about this candidate but the video is, uh, something

    • Rep. Matt Gaetz introducing Trump and saying that "only through force" will change happen in the United States. Video. Believe them when they say it. 

  • The Justice Department for some reason appointed a special prosecutor to investigate Hunter Biden who, last time I checked, was not a public official. Ted Cruz was not happy with the person appointed, David Weiss: 

    • Flashback: Ted Cruz and other Republican senators specifically requested David Weiss be appointed special prosecutor of Hunter Biden last September. 

  • Legal stuff: I think this is just a default judgment that they will never collect. (But I'll have to ask my civil lawyer friends if you can have a jury, instead of the judge, assess damages when the defendant defaults and doesn't answer the lawsuit.)

  • Nerdy legal stuff: Out of a Denton case, we've got lawyers behaving badly.

  • "The faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory." - a quote from Mad Men that I saw over the weekend. I couldn't agree with that more.