Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

The Dallas woman would receive probation for this a couple of years later. 

  • The hammer dropped on Trump and his henchmen/henchwomen last night in state court in Georgia.

    • If anyone takes the time to learn the basic facts of what Trump did in Georgia, your jaw would drop.  The New York Times summarized it yesterday in a very concise article here (free.) And the federal indictment, at pages 12-16, is a quick read about Georgia which is equally stunning.  Trump is in big, big trouble. 
    • We got to see the mundane process of a clerk handing the grand jury indictments to a district judge to receive them. He signed a cover sheet and then handed them back to her for filing. (Procedures vary state to state.)

    • Trump's talking point is that all of these recent indictments are "election interreference." Someone needs to tell him he's being indicted for actual election interference. 
    • Flashback from February when Trump tried to spin a report released by the special investigating grand jury which recommended indictments:

  • The video is out where Wise County Congressman Ronnie Jackson berated a state trooper and acted like what appears to be a drunken fool. It's on Youtube, and I've got the "best" part queued up here.  The Texas Tribune article doesn't delete the slew of profanities the disgraced elected official uttered.

    • He has no respect for law enforcement. He doubled down last night. Can we please vote him out of office?  

  • The death toll in Maui is up to 99.  Of those, 80 have been found "in their cars or in the water." 

  • The most non-surprising news ever.  

    • I wrote this 10 years ago: 

  • Missed this last week. A Garland man was sentenced to 27 months. Not enough. But I like how the sentences keep coming.  

  • We set a record yesterday (which actually ended early this morning.)

  • Zeke finally signed with someone. The guaranteed money is only $1 million so the Pats might cut him before the first game once they get a good look at him. 

  • My weekly business/investment show on CNBC called, "It's Warehouses, People!™": 

  • Nerdy legal stuff: A criminal case of a Waco attorney in a murder-for-hire case is being live-tweeted out of Waco. The Texas AG's office has come into assist the DA. Never use them.  They are awful.  What is printed below was just said in an opening statement. You never say that.  As a prosecutor, he might has well have said, "I understand how you might have a reasonable doubt about this case at the end of the trial - it's really complicated!"

  • The AP Top 25 was released yesterday.   There were two teams listed which had losing records last year: OU (#20) and Aggie (#23). There was not a Big 12 team in the top 10.