Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

That tweet is still up.

  • Hey, I thought Paul Reuben's Pee Wee Herman character was funny. Flashback: He was at Cowboys training camp in San Antonio in 2011.

    That's Jerry.

    • And don't forget he had a roll as a California drug dealer in Blow.

  • Kind of a weird story

    • But his spokesman was quick to volunteer information regarding a question she knew we were all thinking. 

  • That does it. I will never vote for Hunter Biden.

  •  Filed under F21-1760-462 and F21-1761-462 over in the Denton County records.

  • I got sidetracked thinking about what a cushy job it would be to be "the DA of Martha's Vineyard."

  • Elon Musk continues to stumble over his own feet.  He put up a massive flashing "X" sign over Twitter's building in San Francisco over the weekend, and then had to take it down yesterday because he didn't get the proper permits. 


  • If he is going to try and "relaunch" or "reinvent" himself, this is the wrong way to do. You've got to instead say stuff like, "We are going to take away the Bitcoins from the Mexicans and give it to you." 

  • Who wouldn't want to watch two hours of soccer at 2:00 o'clock in the morning just to see a 0-0 tie?

  • Legal nerdy stuff: Yesterday a capital murder case was reversed because the felony jury trial was moved to a courtroom in the same building as the Medina county jail. The court included pictures of the courtroom entrance next to jail the info center, and it looks pretty much like the set up Wise County has out there for one of its JP courts. 

  • Any news on the merger of the Decatur hospital with HCA?