Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Eagles tight end Riley Cooper found himself in hot water 10 years ago after cell phone footage caught him using some objectionable  language at a Kenny Chesney concert.  Then, for fun, this photo of him back at Florida alongside Tim Tebow throwing a ball to convicted murderer and the now-deceased Aaron Hernandez. 

  • People feared Runaway Bay would burn down yesterday.


    • Screenshot of the tracking of aircraft fighting the fire. 

  • Meanwhile, a big fire broke out along 287 right past Rhome. A drone video shows how it spread from there.

  • This make no sense to me. Just see how a free speech defense goes when, say, you try to hire a hit man and then end up being charged with solicitation of murder. Plus, if you are relegated to not contesting the facts and have to look for a defense in the law, you are in deep trouble. (His first court appearance in D.C. is at 3:00 p.m. CST today.)

  • The Dallas Morning News found out the identify of the two Southlake police officers who were fired after the swastika incident, and also determined how they got outed. Doh!

  • We've now got some background info on the naked guy who was arrested in Denton. I posted exclusive Pulitzer Prize winning photos of his arrest yesterday.

  • Well look who is coming to the defense of Trump: The crooked Texas Attorney General who is in the middle of an impeachment process instigated by the normal Republicans in the legislature. 

    • Side note: Although her identify was widely known, Paxton's own lawyers have identified by name the woman he is alleged to had an affair with who is an integral part of the impeachment allegations. Laura Olson is her name. I haven't seen a picture of her and Paxton are together, but she has hung out with other Texas bigwigs. 

  • In what might have been the one of the most cringy "tough talking" crime fighting press conferences I've seen in a while, yesterday Greg Abbott, the $300,000 Man, and the Sheriff of Tarrant County spoke about a new law regarding doing donuts in intersections. 

    He thought this was a catchy soundbite? 

    You couldn't even find the Uvalde shooter a few feet away.

    There's a greater chance you die in his jail as an inmate. 

  • Getting past the world war implications for a second, those are some really cool Moscow buildings. 

  • Recent prices at the pump: Are we getting price gouged by the oil companies again?
  • Messenger: Above the Fold