Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Ten years ago we had a drought, too. It's a little hard to see the caption, but 
that's a photo from Lake Bridgeport on the front page back then.

  • Decatur made it to Jeopardy on Friday. But the answer gave rise to a horrible response from one of the contestants. Video.

  • Those two guys, who are for some reason have not been named, lost some good gigs. (I was surprised to learn that Southlake has 65 full time officers.

  • Sure, it's summer, but come on!

  • Anyone else a little nervous about drones bombing Moscow? I mean, if you are worried about "escalation." Drudge is certainly worked up about it. 

  • There's not a civilian in America who wouldn't be criminally prosecuted for this

  • The new judge takes the place of Judge Jack McGaughey who for some reason resigned mid-term.  I don't know anything about the new judge, and I'm not sure she's held any office of any type before. This judicial district covers Montague, Archer and Clay Counties.

  • Wise County will have its bi-annual Texas House rep election next year year:
    • This billboard has gone up against the incumbent. This is just weird. Paxton is corrupt and the movement to impeach him was led by the normal Republicans in the Texas legislature. The only ones unhappy about it are the ultra-MAGA extremists.

    • Stucky's opponent has bragged about raising $52,000 in "grassroots donations." But I notice, according to campaign finance filings, that his largest expense is paying himself back for a loan. Nothing illegal or unethical about this, just noteworthy. 
      • Summary.

      • Loan payback itemization.

  • It's been a while since I looked at the database of state employee salaries from the Texas Tribune. I was surprised to see the $300,000 man hasn't had a raise in the last year. Maybe the new budget hasn't kicked in yet. 

  • On the campaign trail
    • Another awkward video of DeSantis showed up. They guy just seems to hate people in general. (Watch the walk away.)

    • I actually found RSBN on the Internet on Saturday in order to watch their pre-rally coverage of Trump speaking in Pennsylvania. Let me tell you, it's wild. It's a full on Trump Campaign Channel. The "reporters" will actually say things like, "Isn't Trump great!" (One got in some hot water.)

    • New New York Times poll this morning. Incredible.  

  • Kind of legal nerdy stuff:
    • #1: If you want to see how AI if frighteningly good, look at these examples. I didn't even understand the questions.
    • #2: The judge might have made a big mistake in denying it. 

    • #3: The Star-Telegram just published this story. I don't have any trouble with the sentence (5 years probation with 90 days as a condition on the State Jail Felony of Criminally Negligent Homicide.) It was an accidental shooting through a dorm room wall. 

  • University of North Texas: Apogee Stadium will be renamed to Denton-Area Teachers Credit Union Stadium.