Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Rolling Stone magazine caught heat for putting the Boston Bomber on the cover. 

  • The target letter sent by the Justice Department to Trump because of January 6th, and due to all of his actions leading up to it, was long overdue. Now they need to promptly indict and try the man responsible for trying to overturn an election, destroy democracy, and overthrown the United States of America. 

    • Fox News and MSNBC screenshots when the news came down yesterday morning. 

    • Let's get a reaction from the Ultra MAGA Extremist crowd. They are sounding as sane as always:

  • And speaking of a long time coming, those various "fake electors" schemes needed to be crushed and punished months ago. And finally we are seeing some of those people held responsible. They even tried to crash the state certification on December 14, 2020 which was caught on video. From late yesterday afternoon:   

  • Keep and eye on this.  The PAC which is funded by the West Texas Oil Men, who do not want Ken Paxton impeached, are throwing money at the guy who controls the impeachment process.  

  •  Social media tells me something happened to Giant Burger in Rhome. 

  • Three juvenile crime headlines in the DFW news right now. 

    • Regarding that Timberview case which involves a defendant and a victim who were both high school students, here are two quick videos the jury saw yesterday: One of the beating the shooter took from his victim in the classroom before the shooting.  And one of the shooter chasing the guy out of classroom and shooting him in the hallway.  That's a messy case. 

  • This is really a crazy story where Crime Stoppers won't pay a couple because they called 911 instead of the Crime Stoppers hotline. I've been suspicions of Crime Stoppers for years. 

  • My eyes!

  • Having grown up in the stereotypical Texas small town, being depicted as a place where we resort to violence because we disagree with someone isn't exactly an image I want to glorify in in horrible country song.

  • From the attorney crime blotter: "WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Marcus Daniel Beaudin, a Waco-area attorney who was once the target of a murder-for-hire plot allegedly orchestrated by his ex-wife, was charged with driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest on July 14 after he threatened and harassed a clerk at a CEFCO store who refused to sell him 'booze,' an arrest affidavit states."

  • For political junkies only: If you haven't seen how the Biden campaign took Marjorie Taylor Greene's speech from last weekend and cut it into a Biden ad, it's a thing of beauty