Random Monday Morning Thoughts

From Wikipedia: "[Corpus Christi District Judge Tom] Greenwell was found in his chambers dead from a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. A handwritten will was found near the body. According to Nueces County Sheriff Jim Kaelin, the judge faced financial ruin. He had exhausted spending caps on five credit cards and owed the repayment of loans. Kaelin said that Greenwell earned at least $140,000 annually but did not apparently live extravagantly. " But it was a little messy in the aftermath.

  • "Decatur Fire Department, Wise County EMS, and DPS all responded to the scene on southbound Highway 287 at County Road 4228 [south of Decatur on Saturday afternoon]. Authorities say a vehicle was traveling on County Road 4228 and failed to properly yield to a motorcycle who was traveling southbound on the highway. The vehicle hit the motorcycle, ejecting the rider. An Air Evac Lifeteam was called to the scene and airlifted the motorcyclist to a local hospital where he was pronounced deceased. He has been identified as a 47-year-old man from College Station."

  • There was a 7.2 earthquake in Alaska yesterday. This quick clip of guy grabbing up his kids like ragdolls (I would, too) as his house gets rocked is pretty crazy.

  • After an entire legislative session and two special sessions, and everyone patting themselves on the back for tax "breaks", remember your legislature failed to act on teacher salaries: 

  • This was on the verge of becoming a huge missing person story. That is, until she simply returned home on Saturday night. And we still know nothing as to what happened. 

  • There was a January 6th sentencing hearing on Friday which was beyond wild. A reporter was in the courtroom and provided a play-by-play of a defendant's rant at her sentencing hearing. All the posts are here, and it's incredibly entertaining. It begins . . . 

  • This murder case is big news in the Northeast but one picture made me wonder how tall that guy is.

    Answer: 6'4"

  • I was curious if the ultra-MAGA extremists would target those who lead the impeachment of Ken Paxton in the House. They are

  • He is a 100% certifiable nut-bag. Video.

  • This was all over the place on social media. It's also a lie. 

  • Random wreck in Watauga Friday afternoon. You don't want your Amazon package in a drainage canal.  

  • Legal stuff: You can't be doing that (although apparently two Oklahoma judges say it is okay.)

    • I wanted to see the prosecutor but for some reason her identity is worthy of "protection" from the powers at be and the appellate court. Why?

  • Old guy fun stuff: People talk about the heat of the summer of 1980 as well as former KXAS weatherman Harold Taft. Here's a 20 second clip from his weather segment announcing that it hit 113 on one of those afternoons. Love the graphics.

  • Presidential campaigns too long? The first Iowa Caucus is now six months away.