Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Johnny Football mania ratcheted up as he was going into his final year at Aggieland. 

  • Fighting a grass fire in this heat would be a beating. Kudos to those guys.


    • The Denton Record Chronicle looked at the bright side. 

  • Further south and a couple of hours later, a fire got near the sea of homes on Bonds Ranch Road off of 287 going into Fort Worth. It was accidentally started by a crew laying fiberoptic lines (surprise!).

  • I'm not sure what was worse in this case being tried in Tarrant County: (1) The defense relying upon self-defense throughout the trial only to learn yesterday the jury won't be able to consider it, or (2) the judge showing absolute disregard and lack of respect for the jury by making them come in and sit in the jury room all day while he and the lawyers worked on the jury charge. He sent them home at 5:00 p.m. after they did nothing all day. Incredible. That would never happen in Wise County. 

  • And it is probably very, very good at it. 

  • Objections are heating up over the proposed power line in south Wise County -- there's an article today about it in the Star-Telegram.  Here's a color map of it below. For reference, I put an arrow on the far right of the intersection of 287/114 in Rhome. The red circle is the Speedway. The yellow are the different proposed routes they will chose from. Click to enlarge. 

  • In a hearing yesterday about Hunter Biden's laptop (sheesh), the Jewish Space Laser QAnon Congresswoman decided to show nude photos of Hunter. There is no bottom. 

  • This is real.  Ted Cruz is now just a cartoon. 

  • In his third show replacing Tucker Carlson, Jesse Watters went after his target demographic last night by bring in . . . Pat Boone. 

  • I want to know more before I pass judgment, but I'm not interested enough to read the whole article.

  • He gets no sympathy from me. He's not on a rookie deal and voluntarily signed his contact. He has two years left on his six-year, $84 million contract extension.

  • Messenger: Above the Fold