Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

From the whatever-happened-to department: He received 10 years probation to a drug charge with four months in the Tarrant County jail as a condition of that probation.

  • Trump's arraignment was yesterday. This is clever: 

    • If you've ever been arrested, Trump's appearance yesterday didn't feel like an arrest especially since he didn't have to pose for mugshot. But that's what it was -- technically at least. From the official docket of the federal court: 

    • We had one actual arrest after the arraignment because this guy jumped in front of Trump's limo. Video.

    • Let's check in on Fox News from yesterday.
      • This was last night around 8:00 p.m.  They've lost their minds. 

      • And this wasn't Melania -- it was actually Margo Martin who is part of Trump's communications team who has been with him for years. 

    • Of all the bluster over the charges from the Ultra-MAGA extremist crowd, one thing is clear: No one is saying he didn't do it.   Even he admits it when he says, like he did last night on TV, that he had a "right" to the documents. That is not a winning strategy. 
  • Oh, good grief.

  • Remember yesterday how I said I think Fox 4 has a Twitter bot which copies designated WFAA weather tweets and reposts them with a slight addition? It happened again several times yesterday afternoon and caught one of them immediately after it happened:

  • I haven't mentioned the story of the Utah woman accused of killing her husband and then writing a children's book about dealing with grief, but her Google search history was released yesterday and that go my attention: 

  • Forgot to mention this from last Friday: The doggie toy on the right is illegal so says the Supreme Court. 

  • Big day for OU and Texas: This SEC will release football schedules for 2024 today at 6:00 p.m. CST.