Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I've noticed that Random Thoughts used to kinder and gentler.

  • Did you know there was a triple murder/suicide in Cottondale in Wise County on Friday? Ernest Woods, 81, allegedly shot and killed Debra Woods, 65, and her son, Joseph Woods, 32. 

  • It seems unfair that that the Trump indictment referencing nuclear secrets got released on a Friday afternoon. He's in big, big trouble.  (Here is the New York Times download of the indictment with annotations. Pretty cool, and it is not behind a paywall.) 

    • But the caption alone is something just to stare at: 

    • Former Trump AG (and lap dog) Bill Barr also thinks there is trouble brewing.

    • We now have a photo forever to be associated with the federal indictment of a former president. And it is one wheels off photo.
      "Bed, Bath and Beyond a Reasonable Doubt"

    • There's even boxes behind the Dollar Store shower curtain. 

    • Good lord. And she's not the only one. I'm guessing there is some kind of domestic terrorism warning going out in law enforcement right now. Trump appears at the federal courthouse tomorrow afternoon.

  • I don't mention high school sports very often, but Boyd won the high school championship in baseball on Saturday. Video of on field celebration after the final out. 

  • The Unabomber has died in prison. I actually stood by his cabin in the now closed Newseum in D.C. a couple of years back.  It was presented as the real cabin and not a replica which I'm still very suspicious about. But it did have one of the greatest signs in the history of ever. 

  • Four kids were found on Friday after surviving a plane crash 40 days ago. Their ages are 14, 9, 4 and an "infant"

  • Ken Paxton's bribery mate who was was arrested on Friday looks a lot different in his book-in photo.

  • One of the busiest highways in northeast, I-95 in Philadelphia, collapsed yesterday. Here's video of a car driving over it before the collapse. (Language warning.)

    • Fun fact: It was right by Four Seasons Landscaping Company. 

  • Port-o-potty fire outside of Jerry World yesterday morning. Video.

  • Yep, the loonies are still after Cracker Barrel because of a rocking chair.

  • Say what?

  • Photos from the weekend campaign trail.
    • That's a big hat.

    • Sweaty DeSantis in Oklahoma. 

    • Good lord.

  • That's a huge photo for the front page of The New York Times: