Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Kind of missed the blue state part. Still have faith in the Perry prediction. 

  • We've got another Wise County (alleged) murder. This one is wild where authorities say that a man killed his 42 year old wife and 11 year old daughter months ago and their bodies have been in a house south of Decatur for months.  It was on CR 4371 which has some really nice homes on it. 

    • Man, for a county which hardly ever saw a murder, we've had an avalanche of them recently.
    • The Wise County Sheriff's Office desperately needs a PR person. The office apparently sent out a press release about this case, but you can't find it online anywhere. And their Facebook page and other social media accounts are silent about this killing which, I'm guessing, has a lot of public interest. Plus, they have no link on their web page for  media releases. This is 2023. 
  • This got my attention. Oncor had to pay the Messenger for an eight page spread today for a public notice about a massive web of powerlines going in on the southeast part of the county. They lines will run, very widely, from south of Rhome to Flower Mound. 

  • Trump federal case news: 
    • She is way in over her head: The judge in the Trump documents case, who had no prior judge experience before taking the bench in 2020, has presided over only four criminal cases for a grand total of 14 days. 

    • Doesn't surprise me. 

  • Here is your biennial reminder that Gov. Abbott is just grandstanding because, in Texas, every bill passed by the legislature will automatically take effect unless the governor vetoes it. Passed bills do not require his signature. 

    • Abbott and Dan Patrick are fighting over property taxes and Abbott, as a ruse of retaliation, hasn't been "signing" Senate originated passed bills like he has those from the House. But he also has vetoed three Senate bills and has been snarky about it. 
  • This is theft. According to the story, the State has allocated $7 million of your taxpayer dollars to pay private attorney's fees to prove to skeptical federal judge that its foster care system in good shape.  And $1,300 an hour is aggravated theft. The lawyer is also the wife of the way-over-the-top Fifth Circuit Trump appointed judge, James Ho.

  • Most of the local news had video of a concrete boom exploding in Richardson.  How much do one of those things run?  

  • By comparison, little Wise County, right next door, is around 70,000.

  • He's a child.

  • Legal stuff: Yesterday, the Court of Criminal Appeals finally settled the venue question in Ken Paxton's state charges.  The indictment was handed down in 2015. 

  • This SEC thing is going to take some time to get used to. Side note: Texas also goes to Michigan that year in a non-conference game. Brutal. 

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