Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

And that was 10 years ago. No wonder he hasn't retired. 

  • In the most recent murder in Wise County, WFAA and the Dallas Morning News report today that the alleged killer did not confess after all.  The word "admitted" was used in the WCSO press release, but it only said he admitted to the bodies being in the garage. 

    • Excerpt from WFAA story:

    • I went back and looked, and the defendant's claim that they boy did the killings was actually buried in the original story in the Messenger seven days ago.  
  • From Stephen F. Austin University: The only thing better than this headline about an assistant bowling coach are the coach's quotes in the story defending himself. 

    The quotes are in the link.

  • ProPublica does it again this morning. This time they have a story of Justice Samuel Alito being flown on a private jet to an Alaskan resort by a billionaire hedge fund manager who later had cases before the court. 

    • Alito's defense, in an op-ed today in the Wall Street Journal, was that the seat of the private jet would have been empty otherwise -- at least as far as he knew. Sheesh. 

  • Our long national nightmare is over.  The irony of the MAGA boys supporting the prosecution is that he's pleading guilty to two things they don't want to see criminalized: Cheating on your taxes and lying on a form when you buy a gun. They don't think there should be an IRS or gun forms. 

  • Maybe I'm just getting old, but this heat wave feels worse than normal. Side note: And if the cost of lawn care or construction is getting high, it should. Those guys deserve to be paid for working in this mess. 

  • If the corridor between Fort Worth and Alliance Airport (and eventually onwards to Denton) wasn't already booming enough, it's about to get bigger.  A 6.7 mile tollway express opened this morning between the 287/I-35 exchange and Alliance. 

  • Gold from a Texas caller on CSPAN. Video.

  • Ranger fans are bent out of shape about a replay reversal of a call made at home plate that decided the game last night. Here's the video. 

  • I just checked -- the submarine has still not been found.