Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Yep, there were Ken-styled Aggie yell-leaders released in 2013.

  • We've got a missing submarine which took a voyage to the Titanic with five people on board. Contact was lost with it after almost two hours into the journey and at that time they had 96 hours of oxygen. Sorry, this will not end well.

    • And you will believe it won't end well if you watch this very brief clip from CBS Sunday Morning with reporter David Pogue which featured the sub a couple of years ago. I couldn't believe how wheels off that operation is. This will stick with you. 

    • One person on board is billionaire "British aviation tycoon Hamish Harding." The submarine trip costs $250,000 by the way. 

  • Trump gave the most wheels off interview of his life to Fox News' Brett Baier. Quick hits: (1)  The network no longer provides him a love-fest when he shows up.  (2) He's making so many admissions about the document case that I'm beginning to believe he's going to prison.  (3) And this question about "hiring the best people" might have been the greatest question of all time.  Video

  • Breaking: Trump just got a preliminary trial date in Miami.

  • Well, kind of. It was a sub-courthouse in Kemp which housed a Justice of the Peace. No "major" damage, either. 

  • Paxton impeachment update: 
    • Grifters gonna grift.

    • His wife announced she won't recuse herself from the Texas Senate vote on her husband's guilt or innocence. She has a community property interest in the salary which depends on the vote.  The corruption in these people is deep.

  • This morning, the Texas Tribune ranked all 150 House members of the Texas legislature from far right to far left. 
  • Sen. John Cornyn showed up very briefly yesterday to walk with Opal Lee in a Juneteenth celebration. The ultra-MAGA extremists will not be pleased with that. And was that umbrella for him or her? 
  • I don't know who she is, but she definitely got plunked by that phone. Video.
  • It's bizarre to look at the National League pitching leaders and see the name of a guy who graduated from Decatur just a few short years ago. 
  • Never heard of Gustavo Garcia