Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

I still think about it. It's available online for free.

  • The tiny Texas town of Matador (pop. 571) was leveled last night.  

  • Texas AG Ken Paxton's impeachment trial will begin on September 5th based upon the rules that were adopted late last night in the Texas Senate by a vote of 25-3 (with 3 not voting).

    • Here's an interesting part: Those rules will prevent Sen. Angela Paxton from voting. However, her physical appearance at the trial will be counted towards the total number of Senators "present" in calculating on whether there are the 2/3rds of votes in favor of impeachment. I'm bad at math, but that has the net effect of allowing her to functionally be a no vote even without formally voting, right? 

    • But she got to vote on whether she won't be allowed to vote. Guess how she voted:  

  • As of right now, the missing Titanic exploring sub should have run out of oxygen -- at 6:08 a.m. CST.  It probably ran out way before that. 
    • Fox and Friends somehow knows what depth the sub, however.   

    • Side note: I'm beginning to think that a 1/3 of the population is as dumb as a box of rocks and look for a conspiracy theory under every one of those rocks. 

  • A good lick against the Insurrectionists but, if it could legally be done, I'd have drug him back into the courtroom and doubled the sentence after he spouted off. 

  • It finally happened:

  • One thing I noticed about the Alito scandal is that he and the guy on the left go fishing in button-up dress shirts. 

  • Idiocracy:
  • Legal nerdy stuff which involves math: The EPA in a lawsuit in the Fifth Circuit made a request to increase the word limit of its brief to 50,000 words. (Sheesh.) But check their math:
    • The Motion:

    • And the funny thing is that the court granted it without comment.

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