Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

On 5/29/23, the front page of the Dallas Morning News had a story on the stock market's recent surge to 15,409.  For comparison, last Friday it closed at 33,125

  • This seems concerning from a potential escalation standpoint.

  • The Texas legislative session ended yesterday, but before they could walk out the door Gov. Abbott declared a special session to begin at 9:30 p.m. It is limited to these two issues:

  • The impeachment of Ken Paxton continued yesterday with the Articles of Impeachment being formally delivered to the Texas Senate.  It was delivered by the newly named "impeachment managers" which includes Jacksboro's David Spiller. 

    • The most unlikely Republican to vote for the impeachment of Paxton, who was also named an impeachment manager, is this MAGA-loving guy, Briscoe Cain. 

    • The Wise County Republican Party released a statement coming out against the impeachment. 
    • Idiocracy.

  • The debt ceiling crisis has been solved. Or has it? It has to get passed the hardliners in the House, and Speaker McCarthy can only afford to lose 5 Republican votes. It's scheduled to be voted on tomorrow if it can get past some complicated maneuvering in a rules committee this afternoon. Edit: I screwed part of that up.

  • Legal nerdy stuff. Article free.

    • Spoiler: The lawyer cited these cases he got from ChatGPT which did not exist. 

  • Random sports: With the school year ending, a list of national Champions in college for obscure competitions you might not even be aware of it. I liked looking through this way too much. 

  • Mark Cuban last night proved to us once again that he's not that bright. You know, as long as it's a "personal question", people will honestly respond, right? 

  • My radio station can finally stop doing segments on the Dallas Stars. Thank gawd.