Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

I believe that even more now. 

  • On the front page of the Dallas Morning News today, a story of how home prices have gone down for the first time in over a decade.

  • The debt ceiling bill goes to the House today for a vote. There's a 100% chance it will pass. I don't know why I was thinking yesterday
    • There are currently 45 Republicans against it, but with all the fast majority of Democrats voting for it, it will be smooth sailing. The hardliners can be mad at McCarthy all they want, but they can't do anything about it. 

    • Anyone believe Rep. George Santos was just randomly photographed last night studying the bill and using a highlighter? 

  • The Allen outlet mall opens up this morning for the first time since the massacre. 

  • We've got Charles Manson family news. Here's her Wikipedia page. 

    • She was 19 then.

    • She's 73 now. 

  • Where are the right-wingers going to be left to shop at or shop for once they are through with this don't-call-it-cancel-culture campaign?

  • Republican Primary quick hits: 
    • Trump attacked his former press secretary who was about the only person on earth who defended him the day after January 6th. And the word is "milquetoast" and not "milktoast."

      • Side note: Texas Rep. Chip Roy, in a tepid attempt at humor, actually even brought this up to her last night as she hosted a show on Fox News. 

    • DeSantis' fundraising tour of Texas in a few days. He'll be at the Fort Worth Club but it doesn't say who the money men are behind it. 

    • Chris Christi to announce he's in. This man has a 0% chance and how he doesn't realize that is beyond me. 

    • Who is Fox News leaning towards this morning?

  • Texas district judge news:
    • I think this could impact us locally in four years. If approved, the Texas Constitution would be amended to raise the retirement age from 75 to 79. The bill passed a few days ago but needs voter approval. 

    • A district judge is retiring in Wichita Falls and this guy is jumping in. Story. That's all we need, another judge who wants to bill himself as a prosecutor, Republican and conservative.

      • Side note: I love that reporter but is this this sentence worded correctly? 

  • Re: The front page below. That's the strip club which sits on I-30 as you head west out of Fort Worth.  In the lawsuit (pdf) to shut it down, it starts off with "Temptations is a fully-nude, bring-your-own-beverage adult club located in unincorporated Tarrant County, and operates at the Property from 9:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. Wednesday through Sunday." What could go wrong? There have been five people killed there since 2018.