Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Dateline Fort Worth. There would never be any consequences for those involved in this incident in Fort Worth. The Wikipedia page dedicated to it is entitled, "The Killing of Jerry Waller."

  • It's a holiday. Everything is closed. There is no Messenger Update. But I am here. THWMISB™.
  • I can't believe it actually happened -- and with such speed. How corrupt to you have to be for the  most conservative Republican House in Texas history to vote to impeach someone from their own party? Answer: Incredibly corrupt.  The vote was 121-23.

    • The question remains: why now? He deserved to be impeached, but all of the allegations have been known for over two years.  Why, suddenly, did they go after him now?
    • Jacksboro's David Spiller was a major player during Saturday's impeachment hearing. Not only was he on the committee presenting the Articles of Impeachment, he basically served as one of the Impeachment Managers and laid out some of the charges at the beginning of the hearing.

      • And then, later in the hearing, he even went to the opposite podium on the other end of the floor to ask questions to try to bolster the presentation.

      • And Spiller's roll is what assures us that the impeachment was guaranteed. There is no way a second term rep is going to put his political neck on the line if he wasn't 100% sure the vote was a foregone conclusion. He's not doing this on his own. 
    • I like how Spiller and Wise County's Rep. Stucky are right by each other on the voting board. I knew how Spiller would vote, and Stucky proved he's a stand up guy as well.

    • Back to the political risks. The head of the West Texas oilmen PAC basically threatened Spiller on Thursday. On Saturday, he was beside himself.

      • Speaking of his PAC's budget, it wastes a lot of money.  In the last election, look who they threw money at: Don Huffines (defeated governor candidate), Paxton (now impeached),  Shelley Luther (defeated state senate candidate), and Bryan Slaton (recently removed rep who was involved in a teenage sex scandal.) 

    • You cannot support Paxton and live in any sense of reality other than one where corruption and immorality are acceptable. Let's check in on a few of those who qualify:  
      • Or course, our own Ronny Jackson. 

      • Of course. 

      • Also, of course. 

      • Good grief. This guy?
    • With ultra-MAGA up in arms, the question remains: Why did the House do this? Why now? They could have done nothing and frankly no one would have cared. Why now risk the wrath of the neo-Nazi stormtroopers?
    • Finally, the last time we checked on Rep. Jeff Leach, he was scrambling to get in front of the cameras in Allen after the mass shooting to offer "thoughts and prayers" and nothing more. Look at pious he was before the vote on Saturday when he knew exactly how he would vote: 
    • Fun side note: This gal in the background during the four hour hearing always talking into her watch was a funny distraction.
  • There was an apartment collapse in Iowa yesterday evening, but no confirmed deaths yet.
  • Buried deep in the news is something that we don't even bat an eye at any longer.

  • If you want to see something wild, look at this deep fake of Ron DeSantis substituted in for Michael Scott in a scene from The Office.  Trump circulated this over the weekend. The future is going to be very scary. 
  • Decatur softball has made it to the final four. They will play Liberty on Thursday at 4:00 p.m. in Austin.  (Fun fact: I thought that all the playoff games to get there were 2 out of 3 like Decatur played, but coaches can agree to a one game playoff format per UIL rules. Also, at the state tourney it's a one game only and advance or go home.)
  • If you thought traffic was already bad going into Fort Worth, a Kroger is going in at 287 and Bonds Ranch Road. 
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