Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Let me tell you, one of the craziest criminal cases of all time seems to have already been forgotten. 

  •  The American carnage continues -- this time close to home in Allen, Texas.

    Of course, it is an AR-15. It's always an AR-15.

    • Extreme warning. Here's a collection of graphic photos and videos if you are so inclined:
      • This gruesome 10 second video of the bodies of a victims outside the mall is pretty much being a deleted, but here's a still shot taken from it. 
      • A private dashcam video clearly shows the shooter exiting his vehicle and opening fire on those people.  This was a planned attack.
      • Screenshot of deceased shooter with the gun by his side. He's wearing a tactical vest and has a high capacity magazine. 
    •  The red circle is where the shooter opened fire. The green circle is where he was killed. I don't know how he didn't murder more than he did.  Source. Kudos to the lone cop. He did what an army of DPS troopers and police didn't do at Uvalde. 

    • The press conferences that officials in Allen waited hours to have was despicable. No information was provided and no questions were taken. Instead, elected officials jockeyed to get in front of the cameras to introduce themselves and offer their "thoughts and prayers." And none of them was more pathetic than state rep. Jeff Leach. I've despised this man for years. But the way, he was dogpiled in 4,800+ replies on Twitter for his shallow response was wonderful.

    • Gov. Abbott ran to Fox News on Sunday morning and blamed it all on "mental health." He treats guns like they are his god.  He won't dare utter a blasphemous thing about them. Oh, and this from 10/28/2015:

    • The shooter turned out to be an Army veteran. Wise County's troubled Representative Ronny Jackson embarrassed us again as he went on Fox and Friends yesterday morning and blamed the mass murder on illegal immigration. It was the first thing out of his mouth.  Video.

    • Oh, the Washington Post reports that a patch on the gunman’s chest at the time of the shooting, said “RWDS,” an acronym that stands for Right Wing Death Squad. It's popular among the Nazi crowd out there. I don't care what his political beliefs were. It's easy access to an AR-15 which is the problem. This isn't hard.  

      The Proud Boy who was just convicted 
      of Seditious Conspiracy.

  • In possibly related news, eight people were killed in Brownsville outside a migrant shelter yesterday morning when a driver ran over them. Was it intentional? We don't know. But when you dehumanize them like Ronny Jackson does, you turn them into the Jews of Germany. Here is the graphic video which I watched once and wished I hadn't.

  • Who would have thought that Wise County elections wouldn't be mentioned until now?
    • Bond packages got killed in Decatur and Bridgeport.  It's always going to be a close vote on any school bonds these days, but the kiss of death is having shockingly high tax property appraisals going out days before the vote. 

    • Interestingly, Northwest ISD's gigantic $2 billion bond packaged, including a new "6A size" football stadium, passed.
    • The "woke" controversy didn't hurt the Decatur candidates since both of them ended up victorious. One of them cruised to victory while the other unseated an incumbent after trailing by two votes after early returns. The voters have spoken.

  • A conservative Texas legislature got a 19 year old intern liquored up, slept with her, and then she went to obtain the morning after pill the next day. This weekend, a committee recommended he be expelled.

    • Here he is sitting at his desk as he waits to hear the news. I'm not sure adultery will get you ostracized down there, but that abortion pill fact sure will among that crowd. 

    • Here's the full detailed report with all the seedy details. Discreet, he was not. 
    • Jacksboro's David Spiller was on the committee.

  • Seven dead horses.

  • Oakland Athletics announcer Glen Kuiper has been suspended indefinitely after using a racial slur during a pre-game show. Video. Oh, my.
  • There was a wild single clap of thunder last night in Wise County that I swear rumbled loudly for 30 seconds.