Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

For a while, the Messenger fell into the hands of a different editor and publisher. They put this on the front page. I thought that was weird then, and I still do. 

  •  Look at their faces. 
    • Wylie ISD announced that 4th grader Daniela Mendoza and 2nd grader Sofia Mendoza were killed in the Allen shooting. The sisters attended Cox Elementary in Sachse. Their mother is in critical condition. 

    • You see this family? The only one still alive is the 6 year old at the bottom. His parents, Cindy and Kyu Cho, are dead along with his 3 year old brother, James.  

    • A 26 year old engineer, Aishwarya Thatikonda.

  • And now we learn that the shooter was a full blown neo-Nazi.

    • Fox News tells us not to rush to judgment before we badmouth racists. Hey, lady, it didn't take rocket science to crack the case.

    • Other than Wise County's own troubled Rep. Ronny Jackson falsely who quickly and falsely blamed illegal immigration for the murders, let's see how a couple of others initially handled the news. 
      • The True Texas Project is the same outfit which welcomed Kari Lake and Kyle Rittenhouse in Farmer's Branch last month -- an event which was promoted by the Wise County Conservatives. 

      • You just knew she would spread false information like a Nazi. 

    • How bad is it getting? Eric and Laura Trump will be at Trump's National Doral in Miami this weekend speaking at "Reawaken America" tour which will have featured speakers of nutcases Scott McKay and Charlie Ward. McKay says the Jews killed Lincoln and  Kennedy. Charlie Ward regularly shares Hitler videos.  You know, totally normal stuff.  Have I mentioned we are headed to a dark place? 

  • Don't for a second think anything will come of this bill which prevents those under 21 from legally purchasing an AR-15. I bet it won't even get a vote in the Texas House. They fear the NRA and the gun nuts more than they care about children. 

  • Audio.

  • Yesterday, the Fifth Circuit announced that the appeal of the Trump judge's ruling in Amarillo will be heard by a three judge panel which consists of two Trump appointed judges.  There's now no need for briefing or argument.