Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

When I published this one ten years ago, little did I know how 
famous AR-15s would become. 

  •  The Austin judge gave the State what they wanted. Now we'll see if Abbott tosses aside the jury trial process simply because a guy on "his side" was convicted for murdering a guy on "their side."

  • There might be millions of guys out there asking, "I could have gotten actually arrested for just that?" Seriously, I was discussing this case with some folks in town and we kind of agreed on our own made up "Cringe Factor Test." If reading about the facts about any criminal case makes you cringe, it is probably a good case. If it doesn't, it probably shouldn't be in the system. 

  • Legislative news
    • There will be no private death squads patrolling the border with criminal immunity after all. Any work-around amendments to other bills did not include the private army provision. 

    • The Texas House actually acted sensibly last night when it voted to kill its last shot at a School Voucher bill which would have destroyed public schools by funneling taxpayer money to unregulated private for-profit religious schools.  David Spiller and Lynn Stucky voted for the vouchers. Note: It's not over. The Senate Bill voucher bill could still be passed by the House.

  • It took him a couple of months, but the ultra-MAGA new Tarrant County judge is starting to act exactly like we thought he would. You know, there might have been a mass murder in a neighboring county but let's focus instead on something which didn't happen south of downtown. 

  • Uhhh . . . 

  • That's not way to treat a man who claims to be Heisman Trophy winner, walked on the moon, and who was married to Princess Grace.

    • He even stole his outrage from someone else. 

  • CNN gave Insurrectionist Donald Trump a full hour last night to lie at will while spitting on  democracy in front of a friendly MAGA audience. It was the lowest and saddest moment in the network's history. I had to turn it off.

  • A blogging pioneer (who, frankly, I had never heard of) has committed suicide. The New York Times story about her paints a picture of the very common charade of people presenting a picture of a perfect persona online when, in actuality, all hell is breaking lose internally.

  • Messenger: Above the Fold