Random Monday Morning Thoughts

That's a guy with a gun in the foreground. This was actually gang related which ended up getting the feds involved and a life sentence for two men resulted. Amazingly, no one was killed in the Mother's Day incident. 

  • A twelve year old was arrested for a murder at a Sonic in tiny Keene in Johnson County.

  • Elections have consequences -- just check out the new Decatur ISD school board agenda. All the strawman/non-existent hot button issues are on there: CRT,  transgender, etc.  But also pay attention to one which could have a real life impact: Arming teachers 

  • Online sports gambling was passed by the Texas House last week but Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who runs the Senate, single-handedly decided daddy knows best on what you can do with the money and announced it won't even get a vote. 

  • House fire over the weekend in a pretty nice neighborhood which is actually right by the Saginaw Cutoff exit on 287. I think I've got the address pegged down to 12084 Alysse Way  Google Streetview here. It's owned by a couple who are both doctors. You can snoop way too much these days on the Internet.

  • Oh, come on. 

  • The man flat out lies. 

  • Ron DeSantis, who has not declared for a presidential run, made it to Iowa to campaign this weekend. Trump cancelled his appearance due to "weather."  This must have pleased DeSantis since this random photo of him was captured

  • White Extremism in America continues to flourish as the Patriot Front held a rally in D.C. over the weekend. 


    • I think my favorite conspiracy theory of the most gullible among us is that rallies like this aren't actually White Supremacists but a false flag created by face-covered FBI agents. Sheesh. Those groups are all around you. Just two years ago I took this photo in Decatur.

  • That crazy Ultra Right Wing conference at Trump's hotel got off with a bang on Friday with a speaker telling the crowd that the dirty libs in Hollywood were "drinking the blood of children." (Video here,) 

    • And then it ended with Trump calling in live to speak to absolutely-bonkers-felon Gen. Michael Flynn to tell him he would make him part of his administration again if he we wins the presidency. Video. Flynn also apparently has Trump in his phone as "Natalie (45)". We live in strange days.

  • Legal nerdy stuff: On Friday, the Texas Supreme Court, in a civil Batson challenge, ruled against a lawyer for using race as a basis to preemptively strike jurors from the panel. But I raised an eyebrow when I saw a sitting district judge tweeting about the case telling lawyers not to admit race base strikes on the record like that lawyer did. Uh, shouldn't the message be "Don't use race as your reason" instead of don't admit it you use race?

  • Legal nerdy stuff #2: As of this morning, there are six vacant federal district judgeships available in Texas. 
  • For the Succession fans out there: I continue to reside alone on an island alone by proclaiming that Logan is not dead. Now I think Roman is in on it. And I believe there will be a big "reveal episode" with flashbacks to certain scenes this season which will cause you believe you should have seen it coming all along.  And I acknowledge this island is very, very lonely,