Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Pete Delkus, in action, in front of the green screen. I have no idea where I found this back then

  • The Decatur School Board voted to arm teachers last night in a 6-1 vote in approving a "Guardian Program."   It does not sound like like local law enforcement is in favor of this. It also sounds like there was a dispute as to whether is was technically on the agenda. 

    • The meeting was a long one, lasting over three hours.  CRT and trans-kids took center stage at the end of the meeting. 
  • This was wild enough . . . 

    • . . . but about 30 minutes before he did so, video shows his chasing another woman with a baseball bat. That's right out of a horror movie. 

  • Don't look at the lawsuit filed against Rudy unless you are intestested in very seedy stuff.

  • I see a headline like this and I think, "Man, we sure do send a lot of people to prison."
  • If there's a camera, Rep. Jeff Leach will be in front of it. But someone might want to tell that crowd that's the only reason he is there. 

  • After not making an appearance among the throng of DPS officials at a press conference in Allen after the Outlet Mall Massacre, I saw yesterday that the $300,000 Man still has his normal job as being used as a prop for Gov. Abbott. 

  • An officer modeling a fake pregnancy drug smuggling apparatus makes for a good photo. It took me a second. 

  • My interest always perks up with DNA stories and this headline . . . 

    • . . . didn't prepare me for this blurb which had nothing to do with air. You could theoretically find that a killer lives in a nearby town by sampling a nearby river? That last sentence refers to the CODIS database which requires 20 DNA "markers."

  • I need to apologize to the Village People because they weren't at Mar-a-Lago this weekend. That was a a cover band to which Trump was dancing to. 

  • I've never cared about hockey before, and I'm not starting now.