Random Monday Morning Thoughts

That was quite the turnout, including the President, for the victims of the West, Texas explosion. The service was held at Baylor's basketball facility. 

  • It was a false alarm in Mansfield yesterday afternoon, but if you want to see the sheer panic via cellphone video of kids and parents running when they thought there was an active shooter in their midst, here ya go. You can feel the terror. 

  • Fort Worth murder at a high tone apartment complex in the Fort Worth Cultural District: "A resident who was being evicted is accused of killing Carlos Aybar, a maintenance worker at" or near the leasing office.

  • In Jasper, Texas on Saturday night.

  • But let's worry about drag shows instead, right? 

  • The embattled Oklahoma Sheriff who was already caught talking about killing journalists and blacks has now has been recorded saying he wants to "whoop the ass" of the District Attorney.  Now this gets my attention. Let's settle it in the octagon on pay-per-view.

  • We obviously have some Deviltry going on in Madison County (down near the Aggies in College Station.)

  • I'm kind of surprised the paper ran this picture with the story.


  • In case you missed it late Friday, the abortion drug will stay legal while the battle continues for now in the 5th Circuit. Oral arguments are already scheduled for May 17th. 

  • Good. I thought that sentence, and even the conviction, was too harsh for an accident. 

  • Gateway Megachurch based in Southlake endorsed school board candidates again this weekend with a slideshow presentation while never saying the word "endorse" to avoid a tax problem. All of the candidates recommended have been funded by Patriot Mobile -- the far right wing company trying to take over local school boards. (The church made recommendations for Northwest ISD, too.) Video.

  • That's a big lead but not insurmountable because it's still early. Oh, and the fact that Trump is in the lead is mind-blowing. Not just for philosophical reasons but for practical ones. No one else will inspire millions to crawl over broken glass just to vote against him in the general election. 

  • Random sports flashback: Maybe the worst call in college football occurred in 1988 against North Texas when they played UT in Austin. Video. I was in the stands.  And the game winner in the exact same location on the field was just as bad. Video. There was no review by replay at that time.