Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

The George W. Bush Library opened 10 years ago, and we had a 
reunion of current and former presidents. 

  • Wise County Tax Appraisal notices have arrived, and the screams can be heard across the land.  Property taxes were already a problem and now it's been ramped up. (Prepare yourself if you have not received yours yet.)  And as far as the timing is concerned, how about the notices being mailed out right before big school bond elections? 

  • Speaking of bond elections (and school boards), here are the first day turnouts around the county:

  • Wise County Sheriff's Office court and jail database is down again. Ugh. 
  • At 5:00 a.m. this morning, President Biden released a three minute video announcing his re-election bid. It's really good.  The theme is "Normal vs. Crazy" and that's probably all he needs to run on. 

  • The host of the most highly rated show on Fox News was fired yesterday.  

    • He was an Insurrectionist apologist and an election liar. 

    • Flashback: Just days ago, upset that someone could be convicted in this country for murdering a BLM supporter, he strong armed Greg Abbott into saying he would pardon the killer. 

    • Checking in on Fox News last night three minutes before Tucker's old show was to air. 

  • I don't think they should have the right to block anyone.

  • I keep hearing about a weird True Texas Project meeting over the weekend in Farmer's Branch that had Kari Lake speak and an odd appearance by Kyle Rittenhouse.

  • Random local history: I was speaking to someone who shall remain nameless (my dad) who I showed a couple of pictures to which I had seen of 1930s Bridgeport.   He told me that, as a young boy, he had known the people in these photos. Amazing. One of the men at the gas station was the local men's softball umpire (softball was a big pastime back in the day), and "Crack Jack" at the bottom would take a wheel barrel around town selling tamales in the winter and homemade ice cream in the summer. I figured Crack Jack was quite the character, but apparently he didn't care for chit-chat and was "all business."

  • I'm telling you, this will not work at Colorado.

  • I never thought CNN's Don Lemon was objectionable, I just thought he was bad at his job . . .