Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Bob Gill out of Fort Worth was eventually appointed as special prosecutor.

  • I was tipped off to this last night in connection with the Decatur School Board elections.  I'll present it without comment, but it's obvious what's going on. 

    • Early voting numbers by the way:

  • The Wise County Courts/Jail database website continues to be down for the third day. 
  • The Liberally Lean Wise County First Alert Weather Team™ tells me that the best window for storms today is from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. 

  • After four months, the trial of the Proud Boys for their major role in January 6th has ended and has now gone to the jury. Yesterday in closing arguments, they blamed the Trump Insurrection on Trump.


  • Oddly worded Fox News headline. Twice.
  • Uhhhhh.

  • At the United Nations yesterday, the Russian Foreign Minister commented on Tucker Carlson being fired.  "It'd be useful to consider how things are with freedom of speech in the U.S. I've heard Tucker Carlson has left Fox News. It's curious news." Now isn't that odd? Video

  • Headlines like this are artfully worded to be attention grabbing. Prices are actually still going up, just not as fast.  

  • Turning to something unartfully worded, this very random post, and especially its first reply, that I saw on Twitter last night made me laugh. 

  • Nerdy legal thought: The civil "crane trial" is still going on in Dallas, and Fox 4 keeps putting this guy on as an expert commentator. One thing he says every single time is that "Juries normally get it right." So, I thought, what does that mean exactly? The answer is that a jury gets it "right" when it does what is to be expected. But what's to be expected? Well, we expect juries to act like previous juries. So a jury "gets it right" when it acts like a typical jury. Ergo, with that being the standard, aren't they guaranteed to "almost always get it right." It's like saying, "Juries almost always act like juries."

  • So the new ultra-MAGA County Judge in Tarrant County runs off the Elections Administrator and won't rule out replacing him with an election denier? . . .