Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

I had forgotten about the great cat rescue from 2013.

  • It's been a crazy news week in Wise County. We've had the Heritage Museum burn down, the alleged road rage death in Rhome and now the ensuing arrest, and a juvenile and a 17 year old arrested in an alleged murder case.  All just allegations, of course -- except the fire.
  • And yes, I've been aware of the "hazing" allegations with the Bridgeport High School soccer team, but the wild rumors you might have heard about are simply not true. 
  • This is a picture of the 16 year old Arlington Lamar student who died from gunfire.

    • Those elected in Texas to make laws, and who are actually in session right now to make those laws, instead offered their thoughts and prayers yesterday.

    • And there was another shooting yesterday.

  • Last night I actually watched online the Book Banning Committee Public Education Committee as they held a hearing on House Bill 900 which is about banning books. It was painful to watch. We are so doomed. Scott Braddock of the Quorum Report was watching it, too: 

  • Latest polling data for Republicans:

  • Re: License plate readers:
    • The City of Wichita Falls is getting in on the action. 

    •  A faithful reader saw this nugget in a story where the trooper doubted the driver's story as to her path of travel because "a license plate report showed the SUV northbound on 287 in Wise County around 2:30 p.m. on March 17, and southbound in Childress County around 7:20 a.m." Troopers can instantaneously pull the data from LP readers.

      • Side note: When an officer asks you "where you are headed?" feel free to decline to  answer. It really has nothing to do with any traffic stop and, regardless, you don't have to do anything other than hand over your DL and insurance. 
  • That's actually not the city banning the flags, that's a private entity banning the flags within its own private parade. There's a difference.

  • Legal nerdy stuff: Last Friday Trump received an adverse ruling in the Mar-a-Lago documents case, but late yesterday the federal appellate court in D.C. stayed the ruling. I'm not smart enough to understand the nuances of what is going on, but look at these crazy deadlines that were put on the lawyers around 6:00 p.m. yesterday! (Here's a pretty good explainer thread.)

  • Gwyneth Paltrow is actually in a courtroom this week where she is being sued by a guy who claims she negligently ran him over while both of them were skiing. He's allegeding injuries of broken ribs and "brain damage."   Color me skeptical. 

  • Long time local TV news personality Jane McGarry posted a very honest photo this morning. 

  • The Fed should raise interest rates by .25% today.