Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

We are "celebrating" the 20th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq this week, but just 10 years ago it was still a mess over there. In 2013, there were 8,955 people killed in acts of violence. 

  • In one of the weirdest plays in Maverick's history, the entire team failed to guard the Warriors after a time out, allowing for an uncontested dunk. Video.

    • So this is what happened: The ball gets knocked out of bounds on a play and the refs indicated it was the Warriors' ball. Instantaneously, the Mavs called a time out and, in response, the ref then pointed at their bench to grant that time-out. The Mavs claim that they thought the pointing at them was an indication the ball had really been awarded to them.  That's why they were unprepared for the Warriors just throwing in the ball after the time-out with no one guarding them.
    • Of course, that doesn't explain why all five Mavs were at the other end of the court. If they truly thought it was their ball, they were going to need at least two players on the other end of the court. 
    • Coach Jason Kidd cited "confusion." Yep, for you. Mark Cuban said he would "file a protest" of the game. That's embarrassing.

  • Liberally Lean Weather Forecast: It will storm in Wise County around 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. 
  • School shootings momentarily shifted to Colorado yesterday.

  • Long time Rangers play-by-play man will miss the start of the season. You never know what is going on in someone else's life. 

  • He was convicted because of a photo-lineup.  Photo-lineups are rarely, rarely used any longer for this very reason.

  • This case was a dog in 1986 and certainly isn't any better now. The defendant, now 65 years of age, was 22 at the time.  

  • This story is picking up a little steam. I would expect this from private Abilene Christian but not from a public university. And we live in a weird, weird world when drag shows can go from an obscure after-thought to Public Enemy #1 instead of, say, school shootings. Culture wars are so brain-numbing.  

    • And he really leaned into it in his statement

  • The Texas House passed a harmless and thoughtful resolution yesterday -- one of hundreds of routine resolutions they will approve this session -- extending Muslims across the state the legislature's best wishes as the holy month of Ramadan begins. 

    • Of course, I expected someone like Tony Tinderholt to be of only two legislators to vote against the measure when it came up for a vote. And you knew he would use it to do some self-promotion as an Islamophobe. (I should note that the fact that Tinderholt being on his fifth marriage has nothing to do with this.)

    • But what I couldn't believe was that our own Rep. Lynn Stuckey, and Jack County's rep, David Spiller, had the official legislative journal of the vote reflect they changed their vote to "no."  I'm stunned and disappointed. Not at the journal procedure -- that's common -- but by their ultimate vote. Both of the men are of greater character than to pander to the lowest common denominator by voting no.  They are both better than that and should be ashamed.

  • Who is the world believes it is?
  • John Cornyn, every now and then, remembers what it was like when Congressmen were statesmen. 
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