Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

I'm always curious how these cases turned out. This one was resolved over six years later when he pled to the misdemeanor of assault-bodily injury and received two years deferred adjudication. 

  • I'm not sure what's going on here, but the Wise County Sheriff's Office released this yesterday for an adult who went missing way back on February 9th. 

  • I'm sure you've seen the bodycam video of the Nashville cops stopping the mass shooter. If you haven't viewed the full six minute version, do yourself a favor and do it. The incredible bravery of the cops, and just the chilling feeling of what America has become. 

  • I guy stole a highway patrol car in California yesterday and then decided to jump out of it and run while it going 45 miles an hour. He didn't understand what would happen once his feet hit the pavement. It did not end well.

  • If you followed the Serial podcast about Adnan Syed, it probably caught your attention yesterday when you saw that his conviction had apparently been reinstated after it had famously been vacated by a trial judge after 23 years.

    • But this is a non-story. Maryland has some law that requires the notice be given to "victim's" families of any hearing. It wasn't done here so the appellate court just sent the case back to do it all over again with another hearing. It's just a procedural do-over and the same result will happen.

  • Another Trump Insurrectionist was sentenced and, once again, it was not enough.  And we've grown numb about how those "peaceful" protestors all came to D.C. with their assault gear. Although this guy was wearing a fashionable Austin-centric jacket as well.

  • I appreciate Chris Christie trying to be the voice of reason in the Republican Party, but he stands no chance of winning. 

  • Wise County's troubled congressman Ronny Jackson went viral yesterday after the Internet mob accused him of looking like he was doing drugs on the House floor. It is one strange video, and the comments are wild.

  • I very bad wreck in West shut down I-35 for hours yesterday. An 18-wheeler plowed into two troopers and a firefighter who were working a previous wreck. 

  • Sports: The Mean Green just knocked off Wisconsin to get the the NIT finals.  Amazingly, Wisconsin didn't score a single point in the last nine minutes. 

  • The Party of limited government wants to control your locally elected prosecutors and judges if they don't act the way the Party wishes in Texas . . .