Random Friday Morning Thoughts

The time that I got sued and won and didn't even learn about it until a week after it was all over.

  • Well it finally happened.

    • Quick thoughts: Am I big fan of this? Not really.  I think there are far  bigger crimes that needed to got first: The state Georgia election tampering case, the federal concealing of documents in Mar-a-Lago, and especially the federal January 6th Insurrection. But, if anything, at least the ice has been broken that the man is capable of being indicted. Let's get them all rolling. 
    • Just 48 hours ago:

    • There's lots of Republicans condemning the prosecution without even knowing what the charges or the facts are.

    • All signs indicate that Trump will surrender himself in New York on Tuesday with a spectacle that he will more than welcome. And, man, will be a crazy scene. But in the unlikely event that Trump would rather have the cameras show him being drug out of Mar-a-Lago in handcuffs, Gov. DeSantis said yesterday that he would help with that circus. 
      • DeSantis doesn't care that the Constitution as well as federal law actually require the extradition. (Who cares about silly laws, right?)
      • And, actually, if the State of Florida refused, the Manhattan D.A. could then petition a federal court in Florida to handle the extradition instead. 
    • I was curious how the New York Post would handle it. 
    • Trump is hard at it this morning.
  • The missing Newark man had been found "deceased in a shed next door to where he disappeared." From reading Facebook posts by at least one family member, they have a lot of angry questions. 

  • I'm so glad that Gwyneth Paltrow won this silly skiing accident trial.  If you want to see the moment during the trial when the Plaintiff lost his case, watch this clip when he strangely brought up Jeffrey Epstein's island while testifying.  And kudos to Paltrow for counter-suing for $1 and to the jury for awarding her the $1. Here is the video of the verdict being read.
  • So a guy, while on trial for a road rage for getting out of his vehicle and slashing another guy's tires with a machete, gets involved in a rage rage shooting on his way to the trial?  He'll be surprised to learn he was convicted and sentenced to 43 years. 
    • But wait, there's more!: "During the sentencing phase of the trial, jurors were told about three additional road rage incidents involving Williams — including two from 2021 in which he was accused of brandishing a machete and threatening drivers in Dallas County."
  • There's a guy on the loose after shooting at cops last night in Sunnyvale. Schools are closed there while police continue their manhunt. Honestly, I'm not real sure I had any idea where Sunnyvale was. 

  • Buried by the Trump headlines was news yesterday morning that a crazy Fort Worth federal judge completed gutted the Obamacare requirement that insurers pay for almost all of the preventive care.  Explainer.
  • And I feel sorry for this guy who also got buried by the Trump indictment news. 
  • Texas public schools might be saved after all! Don't accept their lies that they aren't trying to gut your local schools. 

  • Cowboys running back Tony Pollard got this gawd-awful tattoo.
  • Very legal nerdy stuff for criminal practitioners only: On Wednesday, the Court of Criminal Appeals refused to hear a lower court defense win on a Rodriguez prolonged detention issue.  But you have to read the dissent to not granting the PDR where three judges say to allow a prolonged-detention for a drug dog is actually doing drivers a favor because otherwise police are going to start arresting people on Class C violations to justify the searches to in order avoid a Rodriguez violation. (pp. 4-5.) 
  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 3 years, 270 days.