Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

This rocked everyone. A couple of months earlier an assistant district attorney in the same county was gunned down. We would only later learn it was the same shooter: A former Justice of the Peace. 

  • Edit: Sorry, I forgot to hit "publish" on time.  
  • We once again prove the the United States values guns more than children.  Three nine-year-olds are dead  -- killed as they attended school.  

    • When you drop your kids off for school today, you have no assurances you will see them again. No where in the world do you face so much risk. This should not be normal.  

    • One of the victims is Hallie Scruggs. Here she is with her father in 2019 when they lived in Dallas while he was an associate pastor at Preston Avenue Presbyterian Church. He now works for the church where she died. 

    • Here's the chilling surveillance video of the shooter arriving at the school, shooting out the glass doors, and then going into the hallways. 

    • Here are the guns. 

    • This is last year's Christmas card from Tennessee Rep. Andy Ogles. The school sits within his district.

    • This front page really says it all about priorities in Texas. 

  • A car was left running in the garage last night. 

  • What's this lady's deal? Claiming she is Jones' daughter from an affair, she filed that weird lawsuit last year to be released from a non-disclosure agreement her mother made. "Jones’ attorneys asked the 2022 lawsuit, which was filed in Dallas County, to be dismissed and described the suit as an extortion attempt. Davis’ lawyers repeatedly denied extortion allegations and had argued that she was not legally bound to the settlement." So the lady who denies she is an extortionist now files a new lawsuit to get, uh, money? (Side note: She works for Wise County's crazy and troubled Rep. Ronny Jackson.)

  • So an assistant DA decided to charge and try a man for the most heinous offense imaginable based upon the word of one other person when a guilty verdict would have meant a minimum of 25 years in prison without parole.  But when a jury, which looked at the very same evidence as the prosecutor, couldn't reach a verdict, the prosecutor just walked away onto the next case. Probably didn't even say, "Sorry about all that." 

  • Good grief. This happened last night. 

  • Still can't stop thinking about this moment. 

  • The Rangers beat me down every year at this time by announcing some ridiculous food option. It's a stunt for free advertising that every media outlet falls for. I'm not linking. I'm not posting a pic. 
  • Oh, yeah. We've got three dead children . . .