Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Tim Tebow distanced himself from Robert Jeffress, and Jeffress somehow turned it into a permanent guest gig on Fox News. 

  • I don't know anything else about this, but a man was care-flighted to Fort Worth after a welding accident yesterday evening. 

  • Decatur ISD appears to have been understandably rocked by this. Born in Bridgeport in 1967,  Valedictorian of Alvord High in 1987, and Decatur teacher since 2000.  Obituary

  • This is a mess. From what I can figure out, Dallas PD has about 52,000 files of bodycam and dashcam videos sitting on a server with no way of knowing which case they belonged to. They aren't labeled or tagged in any meaningful way, and I don't even think the meta-data helps.  So now the DA's office has pled and tried hundreds or thousands of cases where there was a notation of "no video" written in the file which not only wasn't true but which was was required to be turned over to the defense. 

  • The QAnon Rep wants to secede from the United States. Someone might want to tell her that (1) she is urging civil war -- assuming she doesn't know that, (2) it didn't work out to well for Atlanta the last time, and (3) Georgia isn't even considered a "red state."

  • This home burned yesterday morning in Dalworthington Gardens.  Here's video of it which might be about as intense of a fire as you'll ever see. Zillow had it valued at $836,100.

  • Keep an eye on Israel. Its on-again/off-again leader has managed to successfully take the first steps towards preventing the Israeli Supreme Court from declaring any law unconstitutional. That effectively means there will no longer be a constitution at all.  It's a very Trumpian move. And there have been protests. Story.

  • With filings closed, this Dallas mayor is the first one since 1967 to not field an opponent when he sought re-election. That's kind of odd since he is certainly beatable. 

  • It's Criminal Law 101 that you can't be charged with a crime when it wasn't a crime when you committed it. That is, you can't do x and then have the legislature pass a law making x illegal and then be charged with committing x. But that's exactly what the prosecutor did in Alex Baldwin's case. But look how the DA's office takes no responsibility: 

  • A right-wing darling of heavily edited and often misleading "gotcha videos" has been booted from the organization he founded because of misusing funds. 

  • I think the Dairy Queen has been closed now for weeks in Bridgeport. 

  • New: Someone took a hard fall getting off Air Force One in Poland but, despite a current social media lies, it wasn't the President. He is safe and sound and working.